Saturday, January 17, 2009

[OST] Terroir 떼루아 OST

---------->>>>>> [OST] Terroir 떼루아 OST -Part 1 <<<<<<----------
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Release Date: 2009-01-12
Language: Korean

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Wine is the new vogue in the world of Asian dramas with Kami no Shizuku in Japan and Terroir in Korea. Beginning broadcast in December 2008, SBS drama Terroir stars Kim Joo Hyuk (Lovers in Prague) as a wine connoisseur and restaurateur, and Jumong heroine Han Hye Jin as his prodigy and romantic interest. Adding to the intoxicating combination of wine and romance is the drama's unbeatable setting: Bordeaux, France. Terroir also co-stars Ki Tae Young (Mom Has Grown Horns) and Yoo Sun (The Lobbyist). The Terroir OST includes ballad king Shin Seung Hun's heart-melting theme plus songs from Kim Jo Han and Sunday Brunch.

01. 사랑은 이렇게 오나 봐 - 신승훈
02. 울컥 - 알리
03. 슬퍼지려하기전에 - 김조한
04. Red Wine(Humming) - 아민
05. Bordeaux
06. 가지마 - Sunday Brunch
07. 그 고통 한꺼번에 몰려와
08. Is This Love (Guitar Ver)
09. 약속 - 임기훈
10. White Wine (Sweet Dream)
11. Busy Days
12. Starry Night
13. Is This Love (Piano Ver)
14. 사랑하나봐(Feel Your Love)
15. Sparkling Wine
16. 울컥 - Saxphone 최광철(Sax Ver)
17. 1945 샤또 무통 로칠드를 쫓아
18. 부쇼네(Tension)
19. Outro

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